Look Pretty

Everybody wants to look pretty.
Everybody, men and women, should care about their looks for themselves.


Look Pretty: Stage 1

 Make sure you comb your hair well.
No knots and everything in place.
Wash your face well and brush your teeth.
Take a shower and use a good deodorant or perfume.
Put on clothes that suit you, and that you are comfortable in.
Wear your gorgeous smile, and head off to your destination.

A woman who needs less make up is more pretty.
Put on eye liner and a some lip gloss.
A regular routine of foundation and blush on's and eye lash extensions is not only a waste of time, but bad for your skin.


Look Pretty: Stage 2

 Keep your skin clean and healthy.
Do not leave make-up on all night, wash it before you sleep.
Moisturize your skin regularly and keep it as make-up free as you can.
Make sure you shampoo your hair and take proper hair care.

A well-known fact that a woman's beauty is enhanced by her hair.
So, don’t use too many chemicals on your hair,and maintain them well with conditioning and shampooing.


 Look Pretty: Stage 3

 Smile when you greet people.
Treat everyone with respect and love.
Talk with love .
Make sure you smile and laugh.

A person with a beautiful heart which is full of confidence will never refrain from laughing and smiling. One with a beautiful heart will always be able to look pretty.
So, laugh and smile.

                                     Build a personality, not a look.