Bhasma or ash, used as an Ayurvedic medicine, is produced by the incineration of various minerals and metals. It gains strength with time and is used in rejuvenation therapy and in the treatment of various diseases. Some of the commonly prescribed Bhasmas include Abhra Bhasmam, Thamra Bhasmam, Swarna Bhasmam etc.

Ksharas are prepared from herbs and leaves. They are stimulants and usually hot, light and unctuous.

 Bhasmas & Ksharas
  Annabhedi Sindooram   Abhra Bhasmam
  Arkkalavanam   Aviltholadi Bhasmam
  Kanmada Bhasmam   Kallyanaksharam
  Kantha Sindooram   Ksharagadam
  Gandhaka Rasayanam   Chathurmukhachinthamanirasam
  Thamra Bhasmam    Thalaka Bhasmam 
  Panchalavana Bhasmam    Panaviraladi Bhasmam 
  Palasaksharam    Pravala Bhasmam 
  Yasada Bhasmam    Rajatha Bhasmam 
  Rasa Sindooram   Loha Sindooram 
  Vanga Bhasmam    Shankha Bhasmam 
  Sringa Bhasmam    Swayamagni Sindooram
  Swarna Bhasmam    Sidhamakaradwajam 
  Suvarnavangam   Hingula Bhasmam