Asavas and Arishtas are specially prepared Ayurvedic medicines. While Asavas are made using herbal juices or herbs soaked in water, Arishtas are prepared by decoction. Both Asavas and Arishtas are liquid in nature, have a sweet taste, a smell similar to that of alcohol and acquire strength with time.

Arishtas are mainly used as a remedy for arthritis, allergy, anaemia etc. and Asavas find use as a cure for bronchitis, cough, rickets etc. Examples of Arishtam are Dasamoolarishtam, Aswagandharishtam, Balarishtam, and Saraswatharishtam. Some of the famous Asavas include, Chandanasavam, Aravindasavam, Vidangasavam and Kankasavam.

Some of the well-known Arishtas and Asavas are as follows:

  Abhayarishtam   Amritharishtam
  Ayaskrithi   Asokarishtam
  Aswagandharishtam   Aragwadharishtam
  Useerasavam    Kanakasavam
  Kutajarishtam    Kumaryasavam
  Khadirarishtam    Chandanasavam
  Chavikasavam    Chitrakasavam 
  Jeerakadyarishtam    Danthyarishtam 
  Dasamoolarishtam    Duralabharishtam 
  Draksharishtam    Dhanwanthararishtam 
  Nimbamrithasavam    Parthadyarishtam 
  Pippallyasavam    Punarnavasavam 
  Poothikaranjasavam    Poothivalkasavam 
  Balarishtam    Balamritham 
  Madhookasavam    Mustharishtam 
  Moolakadyarishtam    Mrithasanjeevani 
  Mridweekarishtam    Roheethakarishtam 
  Lodhrasavam    Lohasavam 
  Vasakadyarishtam    Vidaryadyasavam 
  Viswamritham    Saribadyasavam 
  Srikhandasavam    Saraswatharishtam 
  Aravindasavam    Devadarvyarishtam 
  Parpatakadyarishtam   Sudarsanasavam