Prakruthi or the constitutional nature of a person is decided by the dominance of any of the three Doshas or its combinations. Determined at the time of conception, the constitution of the individual is the permutation and combination of the five basic eternal elements that manifests in the parents as ‘Sukra’ and ‘Arthava’ (Male and Female gametes respectively). This genetic imprint cannot be altered in any way after this stage and will remain constant throughout the life of the progeny.

According to Ayurveda there are seven types of Prakruthi:

  • Vatha Prakruthi 
  • Pitha Prakruthi 
  • Kapha Prakruthi 
  • Vatha Pitha Prakruthi 
  • Vatha Kapha Prakruthi 
  • Pitha Kapha Prakruthi 
  • Vatha Pitha Kapha Prakruthi

Characteristics of Vatha Prakruthi (Wind Dominant)

  • Underweight and slim
  • Dry and rough skin 
  • Hair, teeth and bones are brittle 
  • Head, chest, hands, legs, joints, nose, eyes and lips are narrow and dry 
  • Joint crepitation


Speech : Quick
Sleep : Disturbed
Dreams  : Active, Violent, Vivid
Hunger/ Thirst  : Variable
Favorite Food : Sweet, Sour, Salty
Intrinsic disposition : Friendly, calm, dependable, grateful, well-behaved, honest, joyful etc.
Movement : Slow but firm
Sweat : Profuse
Bowels : Constipated, dry, hard
Sex : Variable
Health : Weak, Mostly short lived
Diseases : Low resistance, Inclined to diseases of nerves and mental illness


Characteristics of Pitha Prakruthi (Fire Dominant)

  • Medium height and build 
  • Smooth skin with high probability of pimples and moles 
  • Forming of wrinkles and baldness 
  • Unpleasant body smell 
  • Soft, thin hair 
  • Inclined to premature graying 
  • Eyes become red more quickly 
  • Head, chest, hands, legs, eyes, nose and lips are normal and not dry 
  • Cannot bear heat


Speech : Sharp, Moderate
Sleep : Little
Dreams : Frightening, Violent
Hunger/ Thirst : Strong
Favorite Food : Cold, Bitter, Astringent, Sweet
Intrinsic disposition : Bold, aggressive, intelligent, witty, adventurous etc.
Movement : Moderate
Sweat : Profuse
Bowels : Semi solid, solid, oily
Sex : Average
Health : Medium strength, Medium life expectancy
Diseases : Medium resistance, Inclined to all metabolic diseases


Characteristics of Kapha Type (Phlegm Dominant)

  • Powerful, firm, big bones, often overweight 
  • Smooth, luxuriant, greasy dark hair 
  • Thick skin 
  • Head, chest, hand and legs, joints, nose, eyes, lips etc. are large, humid and firm 
  • Can bear heat and cold


Speech : Slow but steady
Sleep : Deep
Dreams : Often of swimming, beautiful panoramas
Hunger/ Thirst : Low, stable
Favorite Food : Hot, spicy, bitter, astringent
Intrinsic disposition :  Friendly, calm, dependable, grateful, well behaved, resolute, honest, joyful etc.
Movement : Slow but firm
Sweat : Medium
Bowels : Normal
Sex : Very intense
Health :  Strong, High life expectancy
Diseases : Strong resistance, Inclined to all diseases of breathing organs and lymphatic system, diseases of joints etc.


Prakruthi of single predominant Doshas and Tridosha predominant (Vatha, Pitha and Kapha) occur rarely. Usually combinations of two Doshas are seen. Such individuals show characteristics of both the Doshas.

Diseases occur when any of the Doshas increase or decrease. Dietary control, proper lifestyle and medication are prescribed as per the Prakruthi of the person and the aggravated Dosha. That is to say, persons suffering from the same illness maybe prescribed different regimes and medications in accordance with their dominant Prakruthi. For example an individual with Kapha Prakruthi will be prescribed medications with hot attributes while that for Pitha Prakruthi will be of cold attributes.