Vajeekarana Chikilsa or the Science of Aphrodisiacs is a branch of Ayurveda which deals with the treatment of sexual ailments. As a discipline which can help an individual produce a healthy progeny, Vajeekarana Chikilsa also deals with boosting virility, treating infertility and improving the quality and quantity of semen.

The use of aphrodisiac to ensure sexual satisfaction was known to the ancient masters of Ayurveda. Susrutha, the father of surgery explained the benefit of aphrodisiac as ‘vajikara yogah prityapatyabalapradah’- that is, aphrodisiac can provide pleasure, progeny and stamina.

According to Ayurveda, the attitude of the partners is very important in sex. Remedies which can rejuvenate and increase stamina are suggested by analysing the patient’s physical and mental constitution. Herbal, metallic and animal preparations are prescribed as medicines. Snehapana, Panchakarma etc. form the treatment modalities.

Vajeekarana Chikilsa can be broadly divided into three:

  • Dehabalakara Janaka - Promoting physical strength including semen 
  • Manobalakara Pravartaka - Enhancing mental power 
  • Dehamanobalakara Janaka - Pravartaka - Acting again

Another classification is as follows:

  • Sukravrddhikara - Increasing semen 
  • Sukrasrutikara - Prompting the discharge of semen 
  • Sukrasruti vrddhikara - Covering both the above aspects