Various types of special equipments and instruments are used for Ayurvedic therapies and procedures.

Dhroni or Dharapathi- Ayurvedic massaging table is usually built using special medicinal woods. The patient lies down on this table when being massaged, with the head resting on the head rest.

Shirodhara Pot- It is used to pour medicated oil onto the forehead during the Shirodhara treatment. The pot is usually suspended from a height using a Shara stand.

Vasthi Yantram- It is a pointed instrument used to introduce medications into the body through the rectum. The procedure called Vasthi is generally carried out for treating arthritis, paralysis, piles, gout etc.

Dhooma Pana Nethram- Usually made of bronze, Dhooma Pana Nethram is a conical shaped instrument used to inhale medicated fumes as part of Ayurvedic treatment.

Shalaka- The word Shalaka means probe. Ayurveda explains the use of several types of probes such as Netra Shalaka (for the eye), Karna Shalaka (for the ear), Nasa Shalaka (for the nose) etc. The treatment involves the application of medication on the specific part using the appropriate Shalaka.