Ayurvedic treatment can be broadly divided into two:

  • Shamana Chikilsa (Alleviating Therapy) 
  • Sodhana Chikilsa (Purification Therapy)

Shamana Chikilsa is a mild treatment procedure and is used to treat minor ailments or problems and correct slight imbalance in the Doshas, Dhatus, Malas and Agni. Intake of medicines forms the main treatment method in this therapy. In this process there is no elimination of toxic byproducts and the effect of the treatment is of shorter duration than Sodhana Chikilsa.

Sodhana Chikilsa is a stronger treatment procedure and involves the elimination of harmful materials deposited in the body. There are primarily five procedures in this therapy, collectively called Panchakarma (See the page on Panchakarma for more details). Through this procedure, which is considered to be superior to Shamana Chikilsa, the root cause of diseases is removed and the imbalance in Tridoshas is eliminated. Accordingly the results of this treatment last longer.