The harmony in Doshas, Dhatus, Malas and Agni in the body is the primary condition for health. This equilibrium is maintained by confirming to the laws of nature. When it is disturbed by wrong food habits, lifestyle changes etc. diseases set in.

The primary cause of a disease is vitiated Doshas. Both under pathological and healthy conditions, the Doshas behave in different patterns and elicit various signs and symptoms as per their vitiation, the spreading area and manifestation.

Dosha vitiation can occur either in a normal manner or abnormally. The normal vitiation is produced by inevitable and natural factors such as seasonal variations, diurnal variations and various stages of digestion. This type of vitiation is easy to treat and does not require any specific treatment. Abnormal vitiation of Doshas is caused by deliberate exposure to specific etiological factors, both external and internal such as abuse of functions of sense organs, wrong bodily habits, suppression of body urges, bad food habits, evasion of seasonal and daily regimes etc.

By studying the signs and symptoms triggered by the vitiated Doshas and Dhatus, one can find the cause of a disease. The basic principles of treatment in Ayurveda are to eliminate the root cause of a disease and to bring back the vitiated Doshas, Dhatus, Malas and Agni to the normal functioning state.