The food we eat needs to be converted into a suitable form so as to help the body absorb it. This conversion is brought about by Agni. Agni which means ‘fire’ is considered to be a form of solar energy. Agni manifests itself in the human body in a unique form which makes all the metabolic activities possible.

There are 13 types of Agnis:


  • Bhaumagni (Earth) 
  • Aapyagni (Water) 
  • Aagniyagni (Fire) 
  • Vaayavyagni (Air) 
  • Akaashagni (Space) 


  • Rasagni 
  • Raktagni 
  • Mamsagni 
  • Medagni 
  • Asthi Agni 
  • Majjagni 
  • Shukraagni
  • Bhutagni 

Jatharagni or the digestive fire located in the stomach area helps in the digestion of food. It is responsible for all the metabolic processes and assists growth, maintains energy level and body temperature etc.

The five Bhutagnis, located in the liver, transform the food into corresponding elements for nourishing the five elements located in the various parts of the body.

Dhatvagnis take care of the final stage of digestion in the body. The seven Dhatvagnis help in the regeneration of the corresponding Dhatus as well as the production of Malas.