The word meaning of Malas is ‘that which contaminates the body’. Malas contain toxic bi-products formed during the digestive process as well as other toxins produced in the body such as dead tissues, vitiated Tridoshas etc. It is eliminated as sweat, hair, nail, urine, faeces and discharge from eyes, ears, nose and mouth. These toxins need to be eliminated from the body regularly in order to keep the functions of the body in order and prevent the onset of diseases.

Regular bowel movement is one of the most important routines that one needs to follow everyday. Without this, toxins will get accumulated thereby increasing the chances of growth of harmful organisms and leading to diseases such as constipation, backache, paralysis etc.

Urine, the liquid part of the waste produced in the body, also needs to be passed regularly. Drinking lots of water can help the body to be in perfect shape and free of ailments.

Increase or decrease in the quantity of any of the waste products can indicate problems requiring medical attention. The Doshas, Dhatus and Malas form the basic components which assist and support the vital functions of the body.