It is medically proven that women are much more prone to health risks than men. Women's health needs extra care and attention. Their constitution is very different and delicate hence needs special care. The importance of taking care of one’s health is not understood by many women.


Here are some  tips.

Round the clock duties and responsibilities are the major factors that take its toll on women. Many a times it is hard for women's to juggle and strike a perfect balance between their personal and professional life.


Amidst all hard work, and family responsibilities women go through different hormonal changes, pregnancy, and the period of menopause; and women rarely get the time to give personal attention to their health and wellness. Simple daily health tips for women can be included in the daily schedule and find a sea of changes in every woman and her health.
Women Health Care

Health care for women means extra nutrition and care especially when they cross the age of 30.
Women should follow specific diet tips and develop a healthy eating habit.

Diseases that are common in women are anemia, anxiety, depression, osteoporosis, migraine, weight gain and weakness. They will begin with simple symptoms but might go to extreme degrees if adequate attention is not provided. So pay attention to your health always. Women's health care practices will indeed improve if they put a stern eye over the health tips offered by the various sources. So look over the simplest of ways and try to remain healthy and happy. With the tips you will slowly find the changes in you and your health.

Health Tips for Women


  • Drink lots of water. At least 8 -12 glasses of water consumption should be done by an adult.
  • Develop a healthy eating habit and live more on fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and food rich in fiber, shoots, seeds and cereals.
  • Increase your protein intake and also have more of carbohydrate in your diet.
  • Calcium rich diet is also essential for women as they tend to suffer a lot from osteoporosis after menopause.
  • Yoga exercises and works out a daily basis, so that you can stay in shape as well as fit and healthy.

Health Care for Working Women


  • Balanced diet high in proteins and low in fats and carbohydrates.
  • Diet containing enough vitamins and minerals improve immunity and mental performance.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Fresh fruit juices are good for health.
  • Beverages like tea, coffee and fizzy drinks must be avoided.
  • Try to avoid the consumption of sugar.
  • Exercise regularly- morning walks, jogging, cycling or climb stairs to stay active-keeps you fit and free from stress and anxiety.
  • Check on your weight to ensure that you stay fit.
  • Devote your time to pursue your hobbies to get relief from stress and anxiety.
  • Regular health checkups will warn you timely about health complications. S
  • Sleep for 8 hours to stay fresh the next day.

Healthy Diet Tips for Women

You have to eat healthy if you have to stay fit and work
Choose the types of food which will help you to improve your health so that you can fight against all kinds of diseases. Eat a wide variety of food items which includes vegetables, grains, fruits, fish, meat or egg. Limit the intake of fried food and sugary items. Nutrition tips will not only help you to stay fit but also help you to get all the required nutrition content which a body needs

  • Always start your day by eating a big breakfast.
  • If you are working take lunch from home instead of eating at the cafeteria.
  • Share a dessert plate instead of gorging on one whole plate yourself.
  • Use mustard instead of mayonnaise.
  • Eat food which is low in calorie.
  • If you consume alcohol limit to the weekends.
  • While taking cereals ensure that you have fat free milk along with it.
  • If you have sweet tooth then try to balance your meal for the day so that you do not take in extra calories.
  • Intake of iron, calcium and vitamin D are very essential for a woman.
  • Take lot of berries they are rich in vitamin C, fiber and foliate (They have the essential nutrients which helps you to fight diseases). E.g. cranberries are great for prevention of urinary infection.
  • Try to follow a regular sleep schedule Make sleep your top priority.
  • Dental care is a vital part of personal hygiene.
  • Eating a diet that is low on fat, high on fiber with adequate servings of fresh vegetables and fruits is known to prevent health complications and many common illnesses.
  • Good eating habits are a strong foundation to good health. It's important to eat what you like and also to experiment with a variety of new foods.