Preteen Beauty Tips for the beginner

For the girls who are developing into a woman, this page could help you establish the basics of taking care of themselves.

You’ve begun to notice changes in your body, and you’re probably wondering what to do, the information found on this page will help you a bit.
This is valuable information and easy to understand, can use for the rest of your life

Start wearing deodorant When?

• Typical to start when you hit puberty (age 12).
• It doesn’t hurt when you start before .
• While playing sports or experience heavy sweating.
• If you’ve an increase in body odor.
• If you have any doubt, then ask your mom, sister, or best friend.
• Just apply it every morning before getting dressed, and you will be fine.

Start wearing a bra When?

• As get older ther breasts will start to grow.
• If you notice asignificant change in size, it is time to start wearing a bra.
• The perfect one to start with a basic training bra, which resembles a sports bra.
• Just wear it during the day and wash it at least once a week.
• It will feel a little weird at first, but will get used to it in no time.
• The perfect alternate is to wear a tank top with a built-in shelf bra, come in different colors and sizes, and provides the coverage you need.

Nail Grooming When?

• One preteen beauty habit
• Will make you feel more grown up, and lot of fun.
• Grooming your nails on regular basis isn’t a difficult task .
• Clean them with a nail brush dipped in soap and water to remove dirt and buildup.
• If you’re a nail biter, you can apply a product on your nails to prevent it.
• If you have nails that break easily,applying nail strengthening products to prevent it.
• To smooth rounded shape, use a cardboard nail file to shape your nails and provide a balanced appearance.
• After filing your nails, rinse them in cold water to remove old skin buildup or that powdery nail substance from underneath your nails.
• Finally,you can paint your nails in your favorite nail color.

Skin Care

• Wash your face morning and night with a gentle face cleanser .
• splashing your face with water until the soap off by all traces of the product are gone.
• Moisturize your skin with moisturizer or lotion.

Remove body hair How?

• If you’re interested in shaving, the first thing you have to know :
• It is easy to shave a wet skin, so do it in the shower.
• Wash your legs and underarms with soap and water to soften your skin and hair.
• Apply shaving cream to the area you want to shave.
• Hair conditioner can use as an alternate to shave cream.
• The razor should be new and not preused by anyone.
• The best time to shave is weekends or evenings , you’re more alert at that time.

Periods -What to expect?

Are you worried about this.
• Just feel that it’s perfectly normaland everything will be o.k. will make you feel morecomfortable.
• You will never forget the moment because it confirms your development as a woman.
• If you don’t have access to a pad, use folded tissues or toilet paper until you can get one.
• If you’re experiencing stomach cramps, there are some excellent pain relief medicines by the doctor’s advice.

Preteen Beauty Makeup

• If you’re younger than the age of 12 you should play around with makeupfor fun ,nothing more.
• Ask a female in your family if she has some extra makeup that she can give to you.
• Play around with the different colors and textures with your friends and give each other preteen beauty makeovers and tips.
• If you are at least 12, then try sheer lipglosses and natural-colored mascara.
• More than that it should be saved for special events like school dances.